Episode #41: Full Time Grind?

This week on the show, Kevin and Phil talk about:

  • The win over Boston and Tony Allen’s big game, and proof that the Grizzlies do know how to win from behind this year
  • Mike Conley is injured already. Is this a trend? Should the Grizzlies consider that when going to re-sign him?
  • Is Mario Chalmers a viable backup plan if they trade or choose not to re-sign Conley?
  • The Grizzlies’ struggle to find an identity this year—they don’t have the personnel to only play one way they want to play.
  • Is “small ball” a fad or is it really where basketball is going? How much of it depends on personnel groupings?
  • How much of a team’s style of play comes from the coach, and how much comes from the front office (on teams that aren’t the Grizzlies)?
  • Joerger’s lineups as making do with what he has.
  • The rumored Courtney Lee for Kevin Martin swap and what the Grizzlies should be doing at the deadline
  • Would Allen Crabbe be a good Grizzly?

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