Episode #58: Official 2016–17 predictions

This week on the show, Kevin and Phil talk about:

  • The latest NBA GM survey says the Grizzlies will be the 7th seed in the West; Kevin agrees with that, and Phil thinks it’s too low, so…
  • Official Beyond the Arc Pod Predictions:
    • Phil: 53–29, 4th seed
    • Kevin: 46–36, 7th seed
  • How excited Kevin is for the upcoming season even though that may seem like a pessimistic win total prediction.
  • Optimism about Fizdale vs. optimism about Joerger — Starting over after years of Hollins and Joerger influence, the seeming unity among the Grizzlies FO, coaching, and the roster
  • Zach Randolph in the bench: a stealth attack primed to demolish second units?
  • Troy Williams and Jordan Adams: who stays and who goes?
  • What to watch for in the Grizzlies’ season opener against Minnesota, and the possibility of rest during the season’s first back-to-back.

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