Episode #86: “Mario Made A Ridiculous Play”

This week on the show, Kevin and Phil talk about:

  • How Phil said Jeff Green was decent for the Cavs, but Kevin is not having it
  • Whether Andrew Harrison can really keep starting if he’s going to struggle like this
  • Fizdale got outcoached by Rick Carlisle and probably by Steve Clifford too—but roster limitations limit his ability to adjust
  • A comparison of Dave Joerger and David Fizdale
  • Fizdale’s epic rant after the Orlando loss
  • Mario Chalmers’ meltdown against Orlando, and whether it was a fluke. (It probably wasn’t.)
  • Tyreke Evans’ huge (huge) game against the Magic
  • How long can the injury histories of the Grizzlies be kept at bay?
  • Should the Grizzlies pick up Jahlil Okafor if he becomes available? Why did he have so many problems in Philly?
  • The Grizzlies’ upcoming road trip to LA and Portland this week
  • Why do teams always play poorly in NYC and LA matinee games? Phil knows because of JR Smith’s Twitter activity.
  • Whether there will be a show next week, given Phil and Kevin’s respective proximities to their deathbeds

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